Sunday, September 2, 2007

Goats are Gonna Save Us

So my Mom, upon learning that the only animal product I'm focused on consuming is Goat milk and cheese, let me borrow a book she has called "the Goat Doctor of the Sierras".
I read the whole thing it was so inspiring. I've been searching online, but there really is nothing at all about the Goat Doctor otherwise I'd post some links. So instead I will attempt to explain his story to you.

He was a healer, and by my definition a shaman. He was orphaned as a child, and eventually his adopted parents passed away. They told him to leave Europe as soon as he could and head for America. He contacted his parents friends in San Francisco to make arrangements to stay there.
He arrived in 1907 just after the big quake of 1906. The city was in ruins he couldn't find the people he was looking for-their house had burnt to the ground. So he decided with what little he had to start selling vegetables. He went door to door and one day ran into a couple Ernest and Anna Andre. The couple befriended him, but soon after he started to get very ill. At one point he was so sick he couldn't afford to pay his rent, and started to live on the beach. The Andres started to wonder what had happened to their friend. One day out on the beach they ran into him, but he was so sick he was almost dead. It turned out he had tuberculosis, and had to have a lung removed. It took him a long time to get even the smallest amount of his health back.
Anna and Ernest decided to buy property about 60miles outside of Sacramento in a town called Misquito. Anna decided that Frank(the Goat Doctor's name) would die, and she demanded he come with her to Misquito to heal. So he went and lived on 200 acres growing vegetables, going barefoot, wearing nothing but a loincloth, taking mud bathes, sleeping on beds of pine needles and Goat hides, and raising Goats for their milk and meat. It was after some time, but with the help of Anna he healed himself.
From that point he was becoming quite the healer himself learning from Anna. She was an herbalist, and would provide suggestions for her friends ailments. If she knew someone with muscle pains she would perform on them a "soft massage". These gentle manipulations would bring about miraculous healing in people, and it inspired Frank to learn everything he could about the human anatomy and chiropractic adjustments.
To make a long story short. He eventually become such a miraculous healer that word was traveling all around the world, and hundreds of people were coming to see him every week.
The dirt road outside their house was lined with cars all day every day. People would go to see the Goat Doctor who couldn't walk, and they would come out walking. He even restored peoples eyesight. To read his story in it's entirety is much more amazing, compelling, and detailed than my summary. So if you ever run across this rare book "The Goat Doctor of the Sierras" grab it and find out what I learned. Truly inspiring.

So while digging around online I also came across a man named Dr.Goat.
He discovered a cure for AIDS, but the FDA isn't letting him approve it.
Basically it works like this-Goats have highly efficient immune systems.
So efficient they are immune to the AIDS virus. So by infecting a Goat with AIDS and then separate the AIDS antibodies out of the Goat's blood a anti-AIDS-serum is created.
Hell Yeah!
here's the link to a myspace page set up about him be sure to check this out.


J.L. said...

I am a Chiropractor. One of my patients recently told me that when she was a child her folks would load the whole family into the car and haul them to see the "goat doctor" who lived up in the hills in northern California

BarbieV said...

I am a massage therapist here in Placerville, CA (not far from where "The Goat Doctor" resided. I have had a couple of people recommend the book to me and last week a client of mine insisted that I read it and brought me her copy to borrow the very next day... so, I am in the midst of reading it! It's VERY fascinating!

Timothy said...

yo bird! it's timmy c. hit me up when you get this. I'm in seattle now.

William and Kelsha said...

I'm a Kinesiologyst in N Ca, north of Tahoe in the Sierras. I just finished reading this book on the Goat Dr from my Uncle and loved it!
We do Brain Integration, Touch for Health and the Emotion Code. I love reading about others who do this work!